2.5D metroidvania viking themed action platformer


Metalhalla is a 2D metroidvania viking themed action platformer with some phantasy vibes.

The game features classic 2D platformer gameplay with an action component, and encourages the player to explore the scenario to find his way through it and defeat the final enemy.


The story revolves around death and revenge. Our protagonist Sigmund must revenge the death of his father at the hands of Friektgard, the evil viking sorcerer that has possessed the neighbour tribes and formed a viking army in order to conquer the territory. By the power of Odin, Sigmund is empowered with the hammer of Thor.

Metalhalla trailer

4 engineers walk into a bar.. and they form Criminal Cat Games. We are the indie dev team currently working on #Metalhalla.

Adolfo Zarrias

Programmer / Sound design

Jordi Soriano

Lead Programmer

Daniel Pérez

Programmer / FX specialist

Fernando Tejada

3D artist / Level designer

Albert Seijas


Llaneza Arias


Contact Us

You can find us on twitter and send us a message, we also follow the hashtag #Metalhalla, where we post our game development progress.

Long live #Metalhalla! 🤘🤘🤘🤘